Thursday, August 24, 2006

ARC Pilot

Figure Era: TSC
Year: 2006
Primary Appearance: Clone Wars Cartoon Series
Difficulty: Intermediate


1 ROTS Evolutions Clone Trooper (with Pilot Helmet) - entire figure
1 POTF2 Boba Fett - range finder
custom made decal for helmet

Games Workshop Skull White (61-54)
white armor, top of range finder

Polly Scale Night Black (505214) (RLM 22)
mouth and nose areas on helmet, base of range finder, bodyglove under armor (if needed)
dry brushed battle damage on white armor

Polly Scale Dark Blue (F505023) (RLM 24)
Polly Scale Light Blue (505306) (RLM 64)
blue markings on helmet

Polly Scale Br. Ex. Dk. Sea Gray (F505264)
air hoses
soles of feet

Model Master Acrylic Insignia Yellow (4721)
yellow buttons on chest plate

Model Master Acrylic Bloode Red 1/2 (4352)
red buttons on chest plate

Using epoxy clay, fill in the center ridge than runs along the length of the helmet on top. Also fill in the two Republic logos on either side of the forehead area. Sand and smooth the area after the clay has dried. Since the helmet is flexible and the epoxy clay is thin and brittle, cover the clay with a layer of superglue and let it dry before painting

Scrape off all the reddish-brown weathering on the clone's body using the edge of a sharp Xacto knife. Paint the white parts of the armor white (so it will match the white of the helmet when it gets painted). Dry brush with black to add scuff marks to the armor.

Slice off the range finder fom Boba Fett and trim as needed. Glue to the clone helmet's right side and paint.

To make the decal for the front of the helmet, download the template from here.



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