Thursday, March 09, 2006

Riv Shiel (Rogue 6)

Figure Era: POTF2
Year: 2006
Primary Appearance: X-Wing: Rogue Squadron novel
Difficulty: Basic

Normally too muscular looking, I though the POTF2 Luke in X-Wing Pilot gear was a perfect match for this figure. The extra muscles look good with the Shistavanean alien.


1 POTF2 Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)
1 POTF2 Lak Sivrak


3:1 ratio
Model Master Acrylic Insignia Yellow (4721)
Model Master Acrylic Bloode Red (4252)

orange flight suit

5:1 ratio
Polly Scale Dark Gray (505059 RLM74)
Polly Scale Night Black (RLM 22)
fur, basecoat

Polly Scale Night Black (RLM 22)
chestplate, cuffs, leg strap, air hoses

Polly Scale White (F505011 RLM 21)
vest, leg straps

1:1:1 ratio
Polly Scale White (F505011 RLM 21)
Polly Scale US Tan Special (505386)Polly Scale Soviet Sand (505362)nails


Remove the head from Luke (boil-and-pop).

Cut off the arm at the top of the gloves and the legs at the top of the boots for the Luke figure.

Next, cut the hands and feet off Lak Sivrak. The exact position and angle you cut off at depends on the final pose you want for the figure, so take some time to think about it. Remove the head from Lak Sivrak. Now you have all the pieces you need.

Trim around the back of the collar so the slightly larger Lak Sivrak head will fit snugly into place. Use the boil-and-pop method to put the head into the body (boil the torso, not the head). Then glue the hands and feet onto the new figure, using paper clip rebar to reinforce.