Sunday, August 27, 2006

Republic Commandos (Omega Squad, Black Stealth Armor)

Figure Era: WOTC Champions of the Force
Year: 2006
Primary Appearance: Star Wars Republic Commando: Hard Contact and Star Wars Republic Commando: Triple Zero stories
Difficulty: Basic


1 WOTC COTF Republic Commando Boss
1 WOTC COTF Republic Commando Fixer
1 WOTC COTF Republic Commando Scorch
1 WOTC COTF Republic Commando Sev


Polly Scale Night Black (505214) (RLM 22)
armor, gun, backpack

Polly Scale Br. Ex. Dk. Sea Gray (F505264)

dry brush on armor, backpack and gun

Model Master Acrylic Silver (4678)Polly Scale Dark Blue (F505023) (RLM 24)
Polly Scale Light Blue (505306) (RLM 64)

Weathering Powder

Prof. Weathers Filthy Brown
boots, shoes


This is just a straight repaint of the original figures. When doing the dry brush, do just a little on the armor, and more on the backpack and gun.

Dust the boots and shoes with a little weathering powder, then wipe off any excess from the base using a wet brush or paper towel.